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EVERYTHING YOU NEED, FROM START TO FINISH. 440 printers is one of the best print finishing company in South Africa. We offer a full range of bindery and printing finishing services in-house from our fully-equipped facility to compliment our professional printing services.

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F or as long as we've been around, our motto has always been: When you want something done right, do it yourself! As one of the largest print and design companies in Gauteng, 440 Printers is able to offer a full range of bindery and print finishing services in-house from our fully-equipped facility to complement our professional printing services. Apart from offering clients more value for their money, this allows us to maintain greater control over the quality of the products we produce and enables us to deliver on even the tightest of deadlines.

I n today's modern print environment, we know that it's always the little details that count the most when it comes to creating any kind of print product, and putting on that final decorative finish could be just the thing you need to take your print job from average to exceptional. If you're not sure which finishing solution is the best for your print job, we'll put our knowledge to work for you to recommend the finish that will deliver the results you're looking for.

Die Cutting services

Die cutting allows you to distinguish your brochures and business cards by creating a limitless range of contours for a strong finish-from unconventional edges to perfect circles or even the outline of an image or logo.

Laminating services

Laminating prolongs the life of your printed product. Using a high quality matte or gloss plastic film, we can reinforce whatever you need printed for improved strength, stability, insulation and appearance.


440 offers a wide range of standard and bespoke scoring and folding options to ensure a clean, accurate and professional finish for your corporate brochures and promotional leaflets.

Foiling services

Foil stamping allows you to add a little shine to create eye-catching prints. Foiling can be done in a wide assortment of colors and using multiple optical effects - ideal for invitations, brochures and business cards.

Glitter Printing

If a little bit of sparkle and pizzazz is just what your design needs, consider glitter effects, which can be printed in many colours and on different surfaces for a dramatic finish.

UV Spot Varnishing

To really bring your creative designs to life, spot UV coating provides a truly unique effect that is popular on matte finished paper to create a beautiful contrast. The process uses ultra violet light to instantly cure varnish which is applied to the paper or card stock.

Binding services

440 Printers offers a number of binding options to produce professionally finished documents quickly and affordably. From saddle stitching, perfect binding, hotmelt or PUR binding to spiral and wiro binding - we will ensure that your booklet, magazine, catalogue, annual report or other corporate documents are expertly bound to ensure a product that will last longer and looks good.
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